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National Fair Trade Month!

Happy Fair Trade Month!

To celebrate we are having a social media giveaway! Make sure to check out our Instagram and enter to win some Organic, Fair Trade Coffee, a Box of Single Packs, and a Sleeve!


What is Fair Trade?

D&M is licensed by Fair Trade USA to process Fair Trade coffees. Buying fair trade certified products including clothing, produce, and snacks, have a positive impact on youth and global communities.

Each purchase supports educational opportunities. Including building schools and community centers, distribution of backpacks and computers, transportation provided by community school buses, and educational scholarships.

Fair Trade also ensures that family farmers receive a fair price for their top-quality products. This allows millions of people around the world to stay on their land, put food on the table, and keep kids in school. Fair Trade empowers farming families to take care of themselves.

The Fair Trade Certified Label Guarantees:

  • Safe Working Conditions

  • Environmental Protection

  • Sustainable Livelihoods

  • Community Development Funds

  • Fair Prices for Family Farmers

  • The Very Best Taste for You

Fair Trade purchases mean hope for many families, farmers, and the future.

Improving Lives, Protecting the Planet.

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