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Big Eyes Small Mouth Rpg.pdf ===> DOWNLOAD

Big Eyes Small Mouth Rpg.pdf ===> DOWNLOAD

Big Eyes, Small Mouth NAKED CORE RPG helps you explore them all. — Now a printed collection of all the major NPCs from the PDF . Category:Anime and manga role-playing games Category:Fantasy role-playing games Category:Kickstarter-funded tabletop role-playing gamesQ: Function Returning value with __future__ standard and Python 2.6 First of all, I'm aware of this post but it doesn't seem to help my issue. I've got a problem with a function that returned a value and I'm quite sure it was working fine in Python 2.5 with the __future__ standard in which case it didn't. Here's an example code that compiles fine in both 2.5 and 2.6: def function(): return'something' And the following code: from __future__ import division from operator import * def function(): return'something' def output(x): return 'executed:'+ x def register_function(func): """ This is meant to be run before importing anything. In fact, I'm using it to import an extension module written in C that provides some more functions that Python needs. """ print "registering function: " + func.__name__ from functools import wraps @wraps(func) def real_function(*args, **kwargs): return func(*args, **kwargs) return real_function def del_function(func): """ This is meant to be run after importing a module and finding that there is already a function called func. I've read that if this is done, the function won't return an error. """ try: del func except: raise @register_function def division(): """ This is supposed to divide the input by 10 and return the output. """ return


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